Yimel Alvarado


Yimel was born in the mountains of Guerrero, Mexico. Yimel loved the mountains. She loved nature. She especially loved butterflies. She marveled at their transformation.

Yimel immigrated to the United States in 2001. It was terrifying to not know anyone in this country. Still, Yimel was determined to make a better future for her mother, her sister, and herself. She worked so hard to make a place called home where she could learn and grow.

And she did. Yimel was born in a body that didn’t feel true to herself. She knew she had to find her full self, whatever it took. She needed to spread her wings and be free. In New York City, Yimel transitioned to living as a woman. She became the dazzling woman she always knew she was. The woman she always knew herself to be. She created loving friendships and a home where everyone was always welcome. She opened her heart fully to all.

Yimel wanted every woman to be free and feel their wings just like she did. To be loved and valued and cherished. Yimel embodied that love, full of hugs and kisses and laughter that lit up the sky just as she did. Just as she always will.

Yimel was taken by COVID. But she will live on forever. Her sister says she came to this life to do important work — to show us how to be free. And now, Yimel is soaring above us. We can hear her if we listen close enough. She is telling us all to live our lives fully. To embrace and celebrate our inner beauty. To dance and laugh and open our hearts so we can fly fly fly!

Listen to Yimel’s sister remember how glorious she was in life.


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